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Letters on Behalf of Theodosia's Fight

In a letter to Burr written from Morristown on September 29, 1779, William Paterson wrote:

William PatersonI cannot tell you what has become of Mrs. Prevost's affairs. About two months ago I received a very polite letter from her. She was apprehensive that the commissioners would proceed. It seems they threatened to go on. I wrote them on the subject, but I have not heard the event. I am at this place, on my way to a superior court in Bergen. If possible, I shall wait on the good gentlewomen. At Bergen, I shall inquire into the state of the matter. It will, indeed, turn up of course. You shall hear from me again. Adieu.

Paterson wrote to Burr again from Morristown on August 31, 1780:

Make my compliments acceptable to the family at the Hermitage. I have a high regard for them, and sincerely wish their happiness. I really pity and admire Mrs. Prevost. Her situation demands a tear; her conduct and demeanour the warmest applause. Tell Mrs. Prevost that she must remember me among her friends; and that I shall be happy to render her all the service in my power.

Burr’s friend Colonel Robert Troup also wrote to an unidentified person of influence in New Jersey:

I feel irresistibly impelled by a perfect confidence in the intimacy subsisting between us to recommend to your kindest attention one of my female friends In distress. I mean Mrs. Prevost, who has been justly esteemed for her honor, virtue and accomplishments. . . . During the whole course of this war she has conducted herself in such a manner as proves her to possess an excellent understanding as well as a strong attachment to our righteous cause. My character of this lady is drawn partly from the information of the most respectable Whigs in the State. Impressed with those sentiments, I am not ashamed to confess that I feel an anxiety for her welfare. . . . Without the least deviation from truth, I can affirm that Mrs. Prevost is a sincere and cordial well wisher to the success of our army, which will be an additional reason with you for showing her all the civilities in your power

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