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Colonel Robert Troup

General BurgoyneRobert Troup, the son of a commander of a privateer, graduated from Kings College in 1774. He began to study law first under Thomas Smith in Haverstraw and then under John Jay. Like Burr, he became an officer in the Continental Army and rose to the rank of lieutenant-colonel. Troup also became an aide-de-camp to General Horatio Gates and participated in a number of battles. In January 1780, he was serving as the secretary to the Congressional Board of Treasury. Some time before this, he had met Theodosia Prevost and her stepsister Caty at a social event at the home of Governor William Livingston.

In January 1780, Troup wrote to Burr:

I almost envy the happiness you have enjoyed [at Paramus]. From the first moment of my acquaintance with Mrs. Prevost and her sister, I conceived an admiration for them both, which is much increased by the opinion you entertain of them.

In a letter dated February 1780, Troup continued to urge Burr to join him in studying law in Princeton. He wrote, however, "I am very much afraid that Princeton will be disagreeable to you on many accounts, and particularly on account of the number of acquaintances you have in and near it." His further comments indicate that while Troup supported Burr's relationship with Theodosia, he was not unaware of her husband:

It is reported, and pretty generally believed, that Sir Henry Clinton, with the fleet that came from New-York about six weeks ago, has touched Georgia; taken Prevost's troops with him, and gone either to St. Augustine or the Havannah. This is very important news, if true; but it seems to wait confirmation!

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