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Additional Correspondence Sent from Paramus (July 1778)

Becica MapWashington sent letters to General Horatio Gates, whose troops were north of Paramus, and to Governor George Clinton of New York that provided information about the current location of the Continental Army forces and about the arrival of the French fleet. He also sought advice on the best places for future encampments in relation to the British in New York:

The letter to Baron de Kalb contained orders to proceed to a location across the Hudson River to create an advanced wing for the Continental Army.

Washington received letters from Symmes in Minisink reporting Indian attacks in that section of New York and in Pennsylvania and asking for military assistance. Washington wrote that recent deployments and losses prevented him from sending troops to Symmes and that his intelligence reported an Indian pullback. However, he wanted Symmes to keep him informed about the enemy's number, situation, and intentions.

Washington sent a letter of thanks to William Drayton, a congressman from South Carolina. In his General Orders for July 12, Washington announced the decisions in two court-martials that had been held on July 9. Several other letters were sent from Paramus by Continental Army officers:

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