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Augustin Prevost and His Illegitimate Son

Lieutenant-Colonel Augustine Prevost

After recovering from the injuries he suffered at Quebec, he was sent to the Caribbean, where he took part in the sieges of Martinique and Havana in 1762 and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant-colonel. He was again assigned to New York and then returned to England.

In 1763, Augustin married Ann Grand of Lausanne, Switzerland, the daughter of a Dutch army general, and became a financier in Amsterdam. During the Revolutionary War, he helped the American colonists obtain Dutch financing to fight the British. Augustin and Ann Prevost established an estate in England but traveled frequently to North America, where they were involved in land speculation. James's brother other, Jacques, sometimes accompanied them.

In 1767, not long after he purchased his Hopperstown properties, James Prevost was visited by his brothers. While at The Hermitage, Augustin's wife gave birth to their first son, George. He was baptized at the Hackensack church. His godmother was Theodosia Prevost, and his godfather was Ann Prevost's father, Issac Grand. George would become the governor-general of Canada in 1811.

Lieutenant Augustin Prevost

Augustin Prevost also had an illegitimate son who was named for him. The younger Augustin Prevost was born in 1744 in Geneva and sent to an English military school. He subsequently joined the Royal American Regiment, where he reached the rank of lieutenant in 1761.

After the Ohio campaign of the French and Indian War in 1764, Lieutenant Prevost was assigned to a detachment that spent the winter in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In April 1765, he married Susannah Crogan of Carlisle. Her father, George Croghan, was the deputy Indian agent for William Johnson, the major British official dealing with the Native Americans. Croghan was engaged in extensive trade with the Native Americans and in land speculation, owning at times many millions of acres in Pennsylvania, New York, and western Virginia. Croghan had another daughter, Catherine, by a Native American wife. Catherine married Joseph Brandt, the famous Indian warrior. Theodosia Prevost's family would remain in contact with the Brandts for many decades.

After serving with the military in Albany and in Canada, Augustin and Susannah settled on a 6,000 acre tract on Lake Otsego, near Cooperstown, New York, a gift from Susannah's father. They built a log house and cleared 16 acres. Augustin also had been granted property in Greene County, New York, and engaged in land and financial dealings with William Johnson, Governor William Franklin of New Jersey, and Bernard Gratz of Philadelphia.

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