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Theodosia Stillwell Prevost's Ancestry

The Stillwell Family of Virginia

The first member of the Stillwell family to come to America was Nicholas Stillwell of Surrey, England. He sailed to Virginia in 1638, just twenty-one years after the English settlement was founded at Jamestown. He farmed and served in the local militia. When a trading venture brought him into conflict with the Virginia authorities, however, he moved to New Netherlands, where he obtained land to farm. His children were also farmers in New York and New Jersey. Richard Stillwell, born in 1762 and a member of the third generation of American Stillwells, established himself as a successful New York merchant with a large estate on the Shrewsbury River in New Jersey. He was Ann's father and Theodosia's grandfather. [Tell me even more about Nicholas and Richard Stillwell.]

The Sands Family of Long Island

Captain James Sands was born in 1622 in Reading, England, and sailed to Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1658. In 1660, he became one of fifteen purchasers, and one of the first settlers, of Block Island. He commanded a militia in the Indian conflict known as King Phillip's or Metacom's War in 1675-78, a series of bitterly fought and often cruel campaigns that destroyed Native American power in New England. Captain Sand's granddaughter Mercy married Richard Stillwell around 1708. [Tell me even more about the Sands family.]

The Bartow and Reid Families

Compared with the Stillwells and the Sandses, the Bartows were relative newcomers in America. John Bartow, who immigrated to the colonies, was born circa 1673. He married Helena Reid. While serving as a minister in Westchester, John Bartow built a parish church, purchased a nearby farm, and, through his wife's family, came to own land in New Jersey. It would be an important part of what he was able to leave to his sons. Helena and John had ten children, all boys, six of whom lived to adulthood. Reverend John Bartow died in 1725. [Tell me even more about the Bartow and Reid families.]

Their third son, Theodosius, married Ann Stillwell. On his father's death, he inherited an estate in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, the surrounding meadow, and an additional tract of land. He moved there, practiced law, married, and died before his only child, Theodosia, was born.

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