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Frequently Asked Questions about Scout
& After-School Programs

What is The Hermitage?The Hermitage Museum

According to Webster's, a hermitage is "a secluded residence or private retreat." The Hermitage is a National Historic Landmark and a historic house museum. The name dates back to the eighteenth century and reflects the house's original function as a country estate.

Will my group get to see inside the historic house during our program?

All of our Scout and after-school programs incorporate at least a partial tour of the historic Hermitage.

If our group doesn't have 10 members, can we bring siblings?

The Hermitage MuseumNo siblings, friends, or other guests may participate in programs scheduled for Scout and other after-school groups. However, for groups that book a house tour only, siblings, friends, and other guests age four and older may participate. We appreciate your cooperation when no "tag-alongs" are permitted.

How many adult chaperones may participate in the program?

Our program fee includes up to three adult chaperones. Additional adults will be charged $7 per person.

What about adults who don't want to participate in the program?

The Hermitage MuseumThe Hermitage provides programs and services for a large number of audiences, and our facility spaces are limited. We are unable to accommodate adults who are not participating in the program inside the building. Parents waiting for their children are invited to sit on the porch of the Hermitage Education & Conference Center or enjoy the grounds and gardens. Parents also may wish to visit Matthew's Diner next door.

What is the cancellation policy? What about inclement weather?

The Hermitage rarely closes because of snow or rain. If this is necessary, you will be contacted by a member of the Hermitage Education staff. If it is raining or cold, we recommend dressing your group for the weather. A part of our programs is conducted outdoors.

More questions? Contact Vanessa Hamilton at (201) 445-8311, ext. 33, or

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